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Internal structures Shipyard Mestre (Venice)
Loft, stairs and roof - Trento
Roof - Broni Swimming pool (Pavia)
Structure for use as a fruit and vegetable refrigerator (Padova)
Structure for use as a cement production plan (Viterbo)
Stainless steel stairway for multiplex cinema (Bergamo)
Arch structure used as a cantilever roof (Padova)
Pyramid shaped structure (Pavia)
Safety stairs for sports venue (Padova)
Connecting structure between buildings (Turin)
Mushrooms cold storage cell (Alessandria)
Building for the production confectionary - Soveria (Corsica)
Building with refrigeration cells for production of ice cream - St. Florent Site (Corsica)
Boat storage building - St. Florent (Corsica)
Warehouse building - Pavia Site
Machine zone roof - Verona Site
Warehouse building - Padova Site
Angola Mill
Roof - Bastia (Corsica) Site
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