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STPP Engineering srl designs and builds (turn-key structures complete with sill aprons, panels, flanging, doors and windows) metal Structures of all shapes and sizes such as:
- sheds
- multi-levels
- bridges
- pipe racks
for the following industries: metal and mechanical, petrol-chemical, and civil construction.

STPP Engineering srl of Padova looks to the future, where convenience combines with:
- creative design
- rapid construction
- easy and low cost protective treatment
- maximum development of transport
- quick and easy installation thanks to qualified, technically trained personnel.

  .S.T.P.P. Engineering srl    via Duprč,1    35134 Padova    Tel. +39 049 8641182    Fax +39 049 614674   email: p.IVA 03319950287

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